April 3 , 2019 /

Annual eye exams key for those with diabetes

Subtle changes in vision can easily go unnoticed throughout the course of our daily lives. That’s why regular eye exams are recommended, as they provide ophthalmologists and optometrists an opportunity to monitor and detect developing eye conditions before vision loss occurs. For an individual with diabetes, having a dilated eye exam each year is vital. [...]
February 27 , 2019 /

Eye exams help detect subtle changes, warning signs you may have missed

Subtle changes in vision are a common occurrence as we age, easily written off or missed entirely. However, in some cases these changes may be a sign of a more serious condition or disease. January marks National Glaucoma Awareness Month, reminding us of the importance of regular eye exams, helping to detect the gradual changes [...]
December 17 , 2018 /

Floaters, flashes may be signs of more serious retinal conditions

It’s common to experience changes in eyesight over the course of life. Many people encounter floaters and flashes of light in the field of vision, and while typically not harmful to your vision, these symptoms can be a sign of a more serious condition. As we age, the gel-like vitreous of the eye often begins [...]
August 1 , 2018 /

Cataracts? Surgery may not be your only option

Dr. E. Trevor Elmquist and the team at Elmquist Eye Group believe that any medical procedure should be approached conservatively. If you have just been diagnosed with cataracts, you may be thinking that surgery is the only option. However, the existence of cataracts does not necessarily mean that surgery is needed immediately, so it is [...]
April 10 , 2018 /

Surgery to fix droopy eyelids offers visual improvements

By Dr. Sarah Eccles-Brown, Elmquist Eye Group Maintaining healthy eyesight is essential. That’s why it is important to seek proper treatment for issues that can impact the quality of your vision. Changes in the eyelid tissues and surrounding skin are a common, yet often overlooked, development that can affect the way you see the world.  [...]
January 27 , 2018 /

Finding the perfect fit

Choosing the eye care team that you will trust with the health of your eyes is an important decision, and it is essential to consider the team of medical professionals that will be caring for you, as well as the services and capabilities that are available to ensure that you are getting the care and [...]
October 27 , 2017 /

Varilux lenses offer sharper vision within arm’s reach

In today’s ever-changing and digitally connected world, we are faced with a multitude of near-vision tasks. For those suffering with presbyopia, which is the age-related loss of the ability to see objects up close, simple day-to-day activities may be difficult to complete. However, those that wish to maintain their active lifestyles without being limited by [...]
July 31 , 2017 /

Is a comprehensive eye exam part of your child’s back to school routine?

Changes in vision are a natural part of your child’s varying stages of development. However, children often don’t realize that their vision is causing them trouble, simply because they haven’t experienced the clarity of what “normal” eyesight should look like. That’s why comprehensive eye exams are key to monitoring children’s vision development and should be [...]
April 19 , 2017 /

Spa Scrubs treatment eases the pain of blepharitis

Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of the eyelid, a common eyelid disease that can lead to infections and further complications if left untreated. A condition that can affect people of any age, patients with blepharitis often experience redness, itching or swelling along the edge of the eyelids. Patients can sometimes feel that there is a [...]

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