December 15 , 2016 /

Enrolling in an Alzheimer’s disease memory clinical trial

by Frederick W. Schaerf, M.D. | Neuropyschiatric Associates Since 1906, when Alois Alzheimer described the disease named after him, and identified abnormalities of plaques and tangles in a patient with severe short-term memory loss, no viable treatments to prevent the progression of this devastating memory robbing disorder have been found.  This is despite increased understanding [...]
August 8 , 2016 /

It’s time for SWFL to address the Alzheimer’s epidemic

by Frederick W. Schaerf, M.D. | Neuropyschiatric Associates Over the past several years, the awareness and realization that Alzheimer’s disease has reached epidemic proportions, with the potential to bankrupt our nation and rob us of a meaningful and productive life , has received increasing media exposure. Advances in our understanding of the causes and epidemiology [...]

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