January 26 , 2017 /

Trouble sleeping at night – It could be your veins.

by Dr. Nero & Dr. Magnant | Vein Specialists There are many reasons people have trouble sleeping at night, but there is one cause that is often overlooked.  If you have restless legs, leg cramps or night time urination keeping you up then chronic venous insufficiency may be the cause. Venous insufficiency is a very common and [...]
December 15 , 2016 /

Swollen, achy legs? It could be your veins!

by Joseph G. Magnant, MD, FACS, RPVI. | Vein Specialists Joan, a 45 year old cath lab tech had been suffering with progressive leg swelling and pain in her legs for at least 15 years. Although she did have a history of varicose veins in her family, she initially did not have any signs of [...]

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