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Cataract Surgery at a Whole New Level

So you have found out you have cataracts and will need to have them removed. What now? If you want a fully customized experience and peace of mind knowing your eyes are trusted to the area’s most experienced bladeless cataract surgeon…call Dr. Jonathan Frantz, chief surgeon and founder of Frantz EyeCare.

As a board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Jonathan Frantz is continually looking for ways to better serve his patients. He led the way in bringing Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery to Southwest Florida and is ranked the #1 Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgeon in Florida, and has been voted the Best Cataract Surgeon in Southwest Florida for several years in a row by News-Press readers.

“You will not find elsewhere the combination of technology, experience and superior outcomes that we offer,” said Dr. Frantz.

Why Frantz EyeCare for Your Cataract Surgery?

Technology – Dr. Frantz offers the VERION Image Guided System, which is part of the area’s only full Cataract Refractive Suite. The industry-leading systems of the Cataract Refractive Suite allow for seamless integration from beginning to end. This elite level of technology distinguishes Frantz EyeCare as an international leader in the field of cataract surgery.

The VERION Image Guided System tracks your eye from the planning stages to your actual cataract procedure.

The LenSx Laser operates with unmatched accuracy and computer control, helping Dr. Frantz customize the procedure to your eye.

The LuxOR Ophthalmic Microscope allows Dr. Frantz to see every facet of the procedure in crisp, brilliant detail.

The CENTURION Vision System is designed to work seamlessly with the other technologies to help maintain consistent intraocular pressure (IOP) throughout the surgical removal of the cataract.

ORA with VerifEye aids in lens selection for patients who want premium lenses or for people who have had prior refractive surgery.

What does all this mean to YOU? Increased accuracy and improved safety for better visual outcomes. “This system is unquestionably the most technologically advanced option,” said Dr. Frantz. “We’re so pleased to offer this amazing technology to our cataract patients.”

Choices – It’s true; cataracts are part of getting older. But thanks to amazing advances in lens implant procedures, they don’t have to slow you down at ALL!

Intraocular lenses work by replacing the focusing power of your eye’s natural lens. Choosing LifeStyle Lenses gives you the best possible vision, many people never need glasses after cataract surgery, or only wear them occasionally.

With Frantz EyeCare’s LifeStyle Lenses, Dr. Frantz is able to customize each procedure according to the way you use your unique vision. This procedure is catered to your individual hobbies and interests.

Frantz EyeCare offers many of the latest options in lens technology. Each of these lenses was designed to help maximize your independence from glasses after cataract surgery. Ask us about which LifeStyle Lenses is right for you!

Whichever option is best for you, cataract surgery is a life-changing procedure that is virtually pain free and can be completed in minutes at Frantz EyeCare’s Suncoast Surgery Center in Fort Myers.

To learn more about Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery at Frantz EyeCare, schedule an appointment online at
BetterVision.net or call Frantz  EyeCare’s main office at  (239) 418-0999.



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