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Improve your life with clearer eye-vision

Would you like to improve your life with clearer vision? You may not even realize that you are straining your eyes or that your vision has begun to decline. Dr. Jonathan Frantz and his team of specialists at Frantz EyeCare are here to address all of your eye care needs from an annual eye exam to cataract and LASIK surgery. The practice includes specialist in the treatment of glaucoma as well as retina issues including diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration as well as eyelid, facial and body rejuvenation. Always at the forefront of technology, our team of highly experienced doctors and skilled medical staff offers professional and technical excellence as well as individual attention. Your experience at Frantz EyeCare will be as comfortable, convenient and pleasant as possible.

Research shows that many people share the belief that seeing well translates to good eye health. As a result, they often don’t see an eye care professional regularly, or take the necessary steps to protect their eyes from things like UV (ultraviolet) damage. Eye care professionals are a critical part of your primary care medical team. Much like regular mammograms and diabetes screenings, eye disease screening will help identify signs of disease at an early stage, when many treatments can have the greatest impact. Eye care professionals can also identify some medical conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, just by looking in your eyes. Some common eye diseases can start to develop without any symptoms. So even though your eyes may feel fine and your vision is good, take the time to schedule an eye examination. Based on the results of the initial screening, your eye doctor will develop a schedule for follow-up exams.

When you’re not seeing your best, it affects your whole quality of life. Let the team at Frantz EyeCare provide you with a lifetime of better vision. Call 239.418.0999 or visit BetterVision.net to schedule your appointment. To learn more about our cosmetic procedures visit FrantzCosmeticCenter.com.

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