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Freedom from Eye Drops

Freedom from Eye Drops – New Generation of Cataract Surgery Introduced at Frantz EyeCare

Ask any cataract patient what is the most frustrating aspect of cataract surgery. Believe it or not, it’s not the actual procedure. Or even the recovery. Without exception, you’ll hear about the grueling eyedrop regimen. Drops in the morning, drops at lunch, drops at dinner. Eye drops everywhere!

That’s because with standard cataract surgery, patients are required to diligently use multiple different medicated eye drops before and after their procedures to prevent infection and to promote healing. The rigid eyedrop schedules, which can be prescribed up to four times a day for up to a month, are difficult for patients to follow and challenging for doctors to monitor. Additionally, missing scheduled drops increases the risk of health and vision complications. The solution?

End the Frustration with Dropless Cataract Surgery

Now, cataract patients in Southwest Florida have reason to rejoice! Frantz EyeCare now offers a breakthrough “dropless” cataract surgery option. For patients who medically qualify (not everyone is a candidate), the Frantz EyeCare cataract surgeon will place a prescription medicine called Tri-Moxi* within the eye during the procedure, which takes the place of the drops and will slowly dissolve over time.

Dropless cataract surgery allows most patients to heal without the need for additional prescription eye drops. It also simplifies the postoperative regimen, eliminating the challenge of patients keeping up with the drops.

Is Dropless Cataract Surgery a Safer Option?

The Dropless Cataract Surgery method is very safe, said Dr. Jonathan Frantz, cataract surgeon and medical director at Frantz EyeCare. Numerous studies have shown that the dropless method of cataract surgery is, in fact,  safer than other options. A large study done in Europe showed that the dropless method decreased the risk of infection to 1/5 that of surgery using eyedrops. The dropless procedure reduces the risk of infection and retinal swelling comparable to using eye drops. Dropless Cataract Surgery also reduces the chance of side effects from the eye drops.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dropless Cataract Surgery?

“Dropless cataract surgery is an option for most patients that need cataract surgery,” said Dr. Frantz. A cataract evaluation with a dilated eye exam and a few other tests is all that’s needed to determine if dropless cataract surgery is the best choice for you.

What are the Benefits of Dropless Cataract Surgery?

In addition to the added convenience, many individuals also report a significant cost savings. Typical cataract surgery prescription eye drops can cost $300 to $500 per eye. In contrast, if patients qualify for dropless cataract surgery at Frantz EyeCare, it is rare for them to pay for ANY prescription eye drops.

“We are always looking for opportunities to improve patient experience and ‘dropless’ cataract surgery certainly delivers.” said Dr. Frantz.

To learn more about dropless laser cataract surgery, or any of the many other vision correction procedures offered at Frantz EyeCare, schedule an appointment online at BetterVision.net or call Frantz EyeCare’s main office at (239) 418-0999. You can also register for an upcoming seminar on dropless cataract surgery at BetterVision.net

Frantz EyeCare is always at the forefront of technology and offers a complete range of eye care and vision correction services. Frantz EyeCare has locations in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Lehigh Acres and Punta Gorda.

*Tri-Moxi is a combination of antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory drug.


To schedule an appointment online, visit www.bettervision.net or call the Fort Myers office of Frantz EyeCare at 239-418-0999.

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