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Safety first: Exercise your eyewear

It is essential for athletes to protect their bodies during any sport-related activity, especially the eyes. Gearing up with the right protective eyewear can reduce the risk of serious injury, allowing you to continue enjoying the activity you love.

Both professional and recreational athletes should consider three things – safety, comfort and sun exposure – when selecting the proper eyewear for a particular sport or activity. A variety of eye care options are available for exercise, and Elmquist Eye Group can help you find what’s right for you, including prescription and non-prescription eyewear, sunglasses in durable sports frames, and contact lenses.

One option, safety glasses, can greatly reduce the risk of sport-related eye injuries. Without the use of proper eyewear, several eye injuries commonly occur, including a scratched cornea, blunt eye trauma, penetration, chemical burns and swelling. Elmquist Eye Group can help athletes of all ages select safety glasses that fit properly, are well-suited for the sport, and are durable.

Living in sunny Florida allows us to enjoy a variety of sports and other activities all year long. With this privilege also comes the responsibility of protecting ourselves from ultraviolet (UV) radiation and the health risks associated with overexposure. While many people recognize the importance of protecting the skin from UV radiation, the eyes are often overlooked. Sunglasses are an essential tool for eye protection, playing a key role in the prevention of permanent damage and eye disease caused by overexposure to the sun. The lack of proper eye protection can result in a variety of conditions, including cataracts, melanoma, skin cancer around the eyelids, macular degeneration, pingueculas, pterygiums and other corneal conditions. In addition, sunlight overexposure can result in painful symptoms, such as sensitivity to light, red eyes, excessive tearing and a gritty feeling in the eyes. These conditions can easily be avoided with the proper use of eye protection.

Elmquist Eye Group cares for your vision and is here to help you protect it with a variety of functional and stylish eyewear options. Oakley eyewear is currently available at Elmquist Eye Group, including Oakley TruBridge™, available in a variety of durable yet lightweight frame options, and Oakley PRIZM™, which offers an assortment of lens options that are designed for specific sports environments, such as golf courses, fields or trails. Elmquist Eye Group also offers a full range of the most current contact lenses available to best suit your needs, offering athletes an advantageous option that can easily be worn with safety glasses or goggles.

Safety equipment is made for the specific purpose of protecting your body, and eyewear is no exception. Take a proactive approach to your eye health and speak to your ophthalmologist to determine which eyewear products are best for you. Your eyes will thank you!

If you have concerns about your vision, it is important to speak to a doctor to discuss treatment options. For more information, visit www.Elmquist.com, call 239-936-2020 or stop by an Optical Boutique location in Fort Myers or Cape Coral.

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