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Spa Scrubs treatment eases the pain of blepharitis

Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of the eyelid, a common eyelid disease that can lead to infections and further complications if left untreated. A condition that can affect people of any age, patients with blepharitis often experience redness, itching or swelling along the edge of the eyelids. Patients can sometimes feel that there is a foreign object in their eye or experience dryness or a gritty sensation.

The upper and lower eyelids contain small glands that secrete oily wax, and those suffering from blepharitis are at risk of these glands becoming infected and blocked. Blepharitis can vary in severity and length from a short, two- to four-week illness to a long-term inflammation. If left untreated, this condition can lead to eyelid scarring, chronic pink eye or corneal ulcers. Blepharitis is generally treated with proper hygiene and warm compresses. Artificial tears, available over-the-counter, can also be used to relieve dry-eye symptoms. Furthermore, those suffering from blepharitis may wish to avoid using eye makeup, such as mascara or eyeliner, until symptoms subside. In more severe cases, additional treatments may be necessary, such as antibiotics, steroid eyedrops or ointments.

In order to alleviate symptoms and reduce the need for at-home therapy, Dr. E. Trevor Elmquist of the Elmquist Eye Group developed an innovative, in-office spa therapy treatment for sufferers of blepharitis. The Spa Scrubs treatment is performed by one of the skilled physicians in the Fort Myers office, with the goal to provide relief and help prevent eyelid infections.

The Spa Scrubs procedure is performed in a serene room, with low lighting and relaxing background music to make the patient feel at-ease. During the Spa Scrubs treatment, the doctor carefully expresses the wax glands of the eyelids, which clears out any potential source of infection. Included in the cost of the procedure is a take-home hygiene kit, which includes tools used during the procedure that are not available over the counter.

Many patients who have undergone Elmquist Eye Group’s Spa Scrubs treatment have experienced significant improvements in their symptoms. The treatment can be repeated as needed on an annual basis. Blepharitis can be a very unpleasant condition, but the Spa Scrubs treatment can provide patients with relief while also providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to alleviate their discomfort.

If you have concerns about your vision, it is important to speak to a doctor to discuss treatment options. For more information, visit www.Elmquist.com, call 239-936-2020 or stop by an Optical Boutique location in Fort Myers or Cape Coral.

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