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Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Lives Of Those With Hearing Loss!

Imagine how helpful it would be to be visiting a foreign country, and when one of the locals speaks in their native language, your HEARING AIDS translate the message, so you hear it in English!

Imagine that your mother is living alone and unfortunately suffers a fall, and three family members are immediately notified through her HEARING AIDS!

Imagine that key factors that affect your health and wellness including heart rate measurements, and healthy activities for your body and your brain are being recorded and saved for you through sensors in your HEARING AIDS!

This all may sound like something from a science-fiction novel, but the new in the Livio AI with artificial intelligence can do all of this and more. Now called a “Hearable” the Livio AI actually tracks brain and body health monitoring daily functions like your heart rate, the number of steps you take each day and how much you have been engaged in conversations with others through monitors and sensors in your ear which is the most accurate location for tracking brain and body activity. HOGLUND FAMILY HEARING AND AUDIOLOGY CENTER is sponsoring a series of lectures about these incredible breakthroughs in hearing healthcare throughout Southwest Florida.

“You’re hearing health is directly connected to your overall health and well-being”, states John Hoglund BCHIS, ACA. “That has been proven, and it means people who are able to hear clearly can engage with the world around them and live better and healthier lives” Ever increasing evidence also shows treatment of hearing loss with hearing aids can improve or limit serious health issues like cognitive decline and memory problems.


— Dr. Jamie Katz


We are going to hold a series of six lectures in Southwest Florida by Dr. Jamie Katz April 8th,9th,11th & 12th to give people with hearing impairment, ringing ears, memory problems, and other health concerns the opportunity to learn how these “hearables” can change their lives forever!

Achin Bhowmik who spent 17 years as a key executive for Intel has now taken the position of Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Engineering for Starkey Hearing Technologies. Achin Knows firsthand how technology can change lives! “We are just getting started, and we continue to transform the hearing aids with embedded sensors and artificial intelligence it is a multifunctional must-have device!” The Wall Street Journal listed it as one of the “craziest and coolest” new technologies and recognized it in their “Best of Consumer Electronics Show 2019” publication.

In addition to all the health tracking Technologies, it translates up to 27 different languages so that as the person speaks their words are translated into English through your hearing aids which breaks down communication barriers which will change international travel forever!

Can’t locate your hearing aids? The “find my hearing aid” feature will give you the exact address where you left it, and upon entering the building the sensors will have a hot /warm /or cold indication as you move closer or farther away from the lost devices.

When our seasonal residents go back north, they will be able to email a question or an adjustment they would like me to make and I can make an adjustment on my computer in Florida and send that to them through their cell phones. They can “preview” these new settings and compare them to the current settings in a wide variety of environments. If they like the change I sent, their hearing aids will automatically reprogram to the new fitting algorithm!

In additional, phone calls can be streamed into both hearing aids simultaneously engaging both halves of the brain in the conversation which is a huge advantage for advanced stage hearing loss Streaming from iPad and iPhones has never sounded clearer.

PLEASE CALL (239) 494-8651 to arrange for a FREE “Baseline Hearing Test.” You may also visit www.hoglundfamilyhearing.com for more information.

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