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Is it my MEMORY…or is it my HEARING?

The latest findings on the connection between Hearing Loss and Memory Problems!

    Does your loved one constantly forget items that you know you’ve discussed with them, or is it possible that they didn’t actually hear the message correctly?  This question has been a concern for many families who suspect that a family member is showing signs of Memory loss and cognitive decline. Now, new research shows that hearing loss may not only be mistaken for signs of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia but that hearing loss may actually contribute to cognitive problems! Poor HEARING is directly linked to poor MEMORY!

   CNN reports that “The risk of memory problems and  Dementia can RISE as hearing ability DECLINES!”  AARP quotes a study from Johns Hopkins and the National Institute on Aging that finds that “Men and Women with Hearing Loss are much more likely to develop Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease!”  They further state that “Even mild Hearing Loss DOUBLED the memory loss and Dementia risk” and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine links even EARLY STAGE Hearing Loss to accelerated BRAIN ATROPHY! It is recommended that anyone who has concerns about their memory or cognitive functioning should have a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine if hearing loss is present. Solving the hearing problem will create much clearer information going to the brain on a daily basis!

     Frank R. Lin, M.D., an ear surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, says that hearing loss has an enormous impact on the lives of his patients and their family members. Yet because it is such a slow and insidious process, it is often left ignored and untreated.” It is therefore recommended that regularly scheduled Hearing Tests should be a part of Senior’s routine medical testing, and that hearing loss should be addressed as early as possible before these negative consequences begin to develop. “The intent of publishing these research articles is not to create “panic” among the Senior population that they are going to lose their faculties if they have hearing loss”, states John Hoglund of Hoglund Family Hearing and Audiology Centers. “It is, however, information that people should learn about in greater detail, since regular hearing tests are often not included as part of an annual physical.” “If you are over the age of fifty and have not had a Baseline Hearing Test, I would encourage you to begin monitoring your hearing acuity the way you monitor other aspects of your health. These tests are provided as a FREE public service by our Practice to increase knowledge and awareness of hearing related issues. 

   Hearing aids hold such great potential to positively change so many lives. Advances in digital and wireless technology have dramatically improved hearing aids, making them smaller than ever with far better sound quality. The first step is to arrange for a complete Audiometric Hearing Evaluation. HOGLUND FAMILY HEARING AND AUDIOLOGY CENTERS offer these consultations on a complimentary basis throughout Southwest Florida. All hearing instruments come with a TRIAL PERIOD to insure you are completely satisfied with your hearing!

  We can also make arrangements to schedule a FREE Baseline Memory Test for you which will be performed by the staff of Neuropsychiatric Research Center in Fort Myers, who are on the cutting edge of all research concerning cognitive decline, and Alzheimer’s and Dementia treatment studies.” I hope a cure is found for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease”, says Mr. Hoglund “it has devastated so many lives!” “Dr. Fred Schaerf and his staff are involved in clinical research trials every day and if you have ANY concerns about your memory, you should meet these outstanding professionals at his center, and find out where you stand!”

   “Where your health is concerned, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and if you can find out more about the condition of your memory and your hearing, and all it will cost is a little of your TIME… and not a dime of your MONEY… I’m sure you will agree that it is time well spent!” Please call (239) 494-8651 to schedule your Baseline Hearing and Memory Tests!


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