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Gastric Weight Loss Ballon is safe, non-invasive solution to slim down

A simple and safe non-invasive procedure is helping patients lose an average of 20-60 pounds in 6 months!

Gastric (AKA Stomach or Belly) Weight Loss Balloon used in Eroupe for over 20 years is finally FDA approved in the United States. The Gastric balloons have become the perfect choice for those needing more help than just diet and exercise alone but yet may not qualify or want weight loss (Bariatric) surgery

In August of 2015, the FDA approved the use of gastric (stomach or belly) balloons for patients with a BMI of 30-40 for weight loss assistance.

*Non-Surgical-no incisions or scars
*Non-anatomy altering
*Outpatient Procedure-insertion of the balloon is completed within 12 minutes under mild sedation with no hospital stay required.

  1. Under mild sedation, the surgeon inserts an uninflated balloon using a visual endoscope to guide and place the balloon in the stomach.
  1. Once in the stomach, the balloon is inflated with saline (salt water) to take up volume in the stomach. The filled balloon occupies a large part of the stomach reducing the volume of food that can be consumed.
  1. Studies show that when combined with a custom tailored diet, exercise, and educational plan, the balloon assists with 3.1 times more weight loss than just through traditional diet & exercise alone.
  2. The temporary gastric (stomach or belly) balloon is removed after 6 months, while the patient continues their new lifelong, custom tailored, diet and exercise educational plan.

Dr. Moses K. Shieh is fellowship trained and vastly experienced in all the major weight loss surgical procedures, enabling Surgical Healing Arts Center patients in the Naples/Ft. Myers/Southwest Florida area to select the best option for their needs. Surgical Healing Arts Center has been proud to be recognized as not only helping patient’s in all of Florida but also all across the great United States.

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